Recruitment of Veterinary Students for Rabies Free Karachi Project

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This is to inform you that we are initiating a project titled ‘Rabies Free Karachi’, in collaboration with WHO. This is an initiative led by the Indus Hospital, Karachi.


Every day, at least 20-25 victims of dog-bite incidents come to The Indus Hospital, and there is a growing concern of addressing the issue from the root. The purpose of this project is to discourage mass killing of stray dogs as a solution for rabies prevention and instead utilize the recommended World Health Organization (WHO) and World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) strategy of mass dog vaccination (MDV) to produce herd immunity against rabies, as well as, spaying and neutering of stray dogs to reduce their population using the animal birth control (ABC) strategy.


The pilot project will be implemented in Ibrahim Hyderi, Bin Qasim Town, Karachi, in collaboration with leading veterinarians, animal-right activists, community engagement experts, doctors and researchers. This site was chosen because it has a high volume of dog populations, and thereby, increased cases of dog-bite patients.


For this purpose, we require your support in connecting us with proactive hands-on final year veterinary surgeon students who would be interested in performing neutering and spaying on dogs at our site. There will be a seven-day training session in Karachi in December, 2017, under the supervision of a renowned and experienced Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Dr. Isma Gheewala, for which students will be given a stipend, transport allowance and accommodation. Those who will show exceptional interest and motivation may be offered a one-year contract to be part of the Rabies Free Karachi project.


With our project, we desire to follow the lead of other developing countries which have managed to significantly reduce the number of rabies related deaths. We are confident that by this initiative, we can reduce and eliminate rabies in Ibrahim Hyderi by 2020, and hopefully replicate the process in other townships in Karachi, and extend this regional program onto a nationwide endeavor. 


Dr. Naseem Salahuddin

Head, Dept. of Infectious Diseases

The Indus Hospital, Korangi, Karachi

Principal Investigator, Rabies Free Karachi Initiative

Member WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Rabies 2004-2016

Member WHO SAGE WG 2016-2017

Contact Number:  +92 333 213 2120

Email: [email protected]