The objectives of the MMIDSP are to:

  • Develop rapport among physicians and science graduates from diverse backgrounds in ID
  • Conduct clinical trials and gather data regarding clinical, epidemiological and laboratory aspects of ID
  • Conduct multi institutional studies in disease patterns, drug trials, etc
  • Study preventive aspects of common IDs
  • Provide guidelines for improved lab diagnosis
  • Study nosocomial infection patterns
  • Encourage physician dialogue over common and uncommon IDs
  • Educate physicians, nurses, patients and the community about detection and prevention of communicable diseases
  • Organize lectures, seminars/conferences for dissemination of information
  • Publish a periodical of IDs

Many of these objectives have been met over the course of years. The IDSP represents clinicians in all disciplines of medicine as well as pathologists and microbiologists. Several surveillance and drug trials based in multi institutions took off, and some have been reported in local and international conferences and journals.