First Infection Control Workshop Organized by IPCWG

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In June 2017, a group of infectious diseases specialists and microbiologists, under the flag of MMIDSP and the leadership of Dr Naveed Rashid came together and formulated the Infection Prevention and Control Working group (IPCWG).

The aim of the IPCWG is to protect all patients, healthcare workers and the community members from infections and to ensure a safe working environment for all.

IPCWG is committed to reduce healthcare associated infections by improving and raising awareness about the best infection prevention control practices through training of physicians, health care practitioners and ancillary staff associated with hospital and clinics in and around Lahore.

This program includes measures to promote infection control practices especially hand hygiene and transmission based precautions, to teach proper PPE techniques and to endorse effective antibiotic stewardship etc.

Representatives from Shalamar Medical & Dental College and Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre came together and formulated the first committee of the IPCWG and it consisted of Dr Naveed Rashid, Professor Dr Maryam Riaz Tarar, Dr Tahir Naeem, Dr Aun Raza, Dr Azra Parveen, Dr Summiya Nizamuddin, MohsinGhouri and Nadeem Paul. This committee unanimously elected Dr Naveed Rashid as first and founding chairman of IPCWG.

The IPCWG in collaboration with the Shalamar Medical & Dental College, conducted its first Infection Control workshop on the 25th of November 2017 at Shalamar Medical & Dental College. The workshop was sponsored by Uniprom/Purell and was a complete success. The registration for this workshop was free. Participants were encouraged to enroll themselves online and a total of 112 participants registered to attend against 100 available slots. This program was also CME accredited from the University of Health Sciences Lahore. .

The program was heavily attended by nurses, paramedical staff, laboratory technologists and physicians from different healthcare setups especially from Shalamar hospital Lahore, Jinnah Burns Centre Lahore, Chughtai laboratory and Fatima Memorial Hospital Lahore.

The main attraction of the workshop was its 2nd session consisting of 6 different hands-on interactive stations of 20 minutes each. The first two stations had different clinical scenarios and practical demonstration of relevant and effective infection control measures, third station of good hand hygiene practices, fourth station of doffing and donning of PPE, 5th station of blood and urine sample collection and the last station of safe needle handling practices. Here participants were encouraged to participate and perform maximally and individually. Pre and post-workshop quizzes were also conducted. A feedback form was also requested to be filled by the participants.

Professor Dr Maryam Riaz Tarar, Dr Tahir Naeem and Dr Naveed Rashid were the presenters and the facilitators from Shalamar Medical & Dental College. Dr Azra Parveen, Nadeem Paul – ICN and  Dr Summiya Nizamuddin were presenters and the facilitators from Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre. Kiran Arif – Senior Manager QA was also facilitator from a Fatima Memorial Hospital.

Participants were also informed about the workings of the MMIDSP, how to gain membership of the society and the availability of hard copies of the adult guidelines.

Future plans of the IPCWG will be to conduct similar workshops in and around Lahore especially targeting government hospitals.

Interested hospitals can get in touch with Mr. Luqman Mahmood on cell # 0333-3977011 or via email on [email protected]