Dr Summiya Nizamuddin
General Secretary
Consultant Medical Microbiologist
Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research Centre

2018 marked 25 years of the completion of the journey of the Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases Society of Pakistan and I have had the good fortune of being the General Secretary for the society during its 2017-2019 term.

MMIDSP has been a national society (with some international memberships) comprising of individuals from various professional backgrounds like infectious diseases experts, pathologists, microbiologists, researchers, pharmacists, public health personnel, paramedical staff and so on. Our mission revolves around the prevention, early diagnosis and prompt treatment of infectious diseases. We are highlighting the importance of antimicrobial resistance and hospital infection control at all levels. We transpire through promoting and supporting research, education, training, and good medical practice.

No matter what stage of one's career the individual would be, they would be ensured a warm welcome from the MMIDSP. As a society, MMIDSP helps its members build and strengthen networks, exchange of knowledge and expertise so that the member make a real contribution to help address many of today's global challenges.

MMIDSP regularly conducts annual conferences along with a large number of workshops and talks across the country. This helps in dissemination of the latest trends, knowledge and developments. Our society also issues a medical journal on a quarterly basis. We have also published materials supporting our objectives and have recently launched the second edition of the guidelines for the diagnosis of common infectious diseases in adults and children.

My journey with the MMIDSP has taught me to be selfless for the bigger cause of the society. The founder members and seniors have no doubt been torch bearers in disseminating this idea among the juniors. It's their contagious dedication and hardwork that trickles down to all of us. One of the greatest strengths of the society has been is its friendly, supportive and collaborative nature - meaning that every member - from undergraduate to well experienced consultants - can feel comfortable contributing to that endeavour.

It had been an honour to serve the society and to work under the guidance of the office bearers and the seniors. A number of events unfolded in the last 2 years and the society will continue to organize more events in the time to come to demonstrate our ambitions and determination to support microbiology and infectious diseases to show that we are an organisation that provides both real benefits for our members and a strong voice for our discipline expressed through our publications and policy work.

I wish MMIDSP the best in the coming years and will continue to contribute to the cause of the society if any and every way I can.

Sunil Kumar Dodani
Treasurer MMIDSP
Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, SIUT

I came to know MMIDSP when I joined SIUT for my fellowship in Infectious Diseases in 2011 and came under the wings of Dr. Shehla Baqi, my supervisor and mentor too. Dr. Shehla passion and involvement in ID impressed me so much that when Dr. Naseem Salahuddin named me as treasurer of MMIDSP I was overwhelmed and at the same time excited. I got involved in academics and then following my seniors I  slowly took interest in educating  and reaching out doctors to spread awareness of infectious diseases preventing and treatment. I realized that we knew so little of ID, which is the main problem  of diseases which  we encountered in Pakistan. In this way my interest in antibiotic stewardship and HIV/AIDS has developed and I went to different districts of interior Sindh and Karachi where under the leadership and guidance of MMIDSP, we worked on engaging and educating junior doctors. It was a great privilege for me that I was sent to ECCMID under the banner of MMIDSP and I represented my society with great pride in Madrid, Spain. This experience was not only educating but an eye opener for me as I realize what advancements are going out in diagnostic and treatment front in infectious diseases.

I thank my mentors Dr,Shehla Baqi, Dr. Faisal Mehmood (whom I idolized), Dr. Naseem Salahuddin and Dr. Asma Nasim(who has to bear me a lot as junior colleague) for being there and converting me into a responsible doctor who has to act more on prevention and education than just focusing on treatment.