Workshop on Surveillance & Control of Rabies Amol, Iran

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The Workshop was held through Pasture Institute Paris, the Department of Biochemistry, University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and Health Sciences e-Training Foundation (HSeT), WHO on October 10-21, 2017.

Dr. Naseem Salahuddin was invited to deliver two lectures on Rabies; other participants were Aftab Gohar, Rabies Coordinator, TIH, as well as Dr. Isma Gheewala, Senior Veterinarian, Animal Care Center, Karachi. In all there were 24 trainees from Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Libya, Tunisia, Bangladesh and several others. All were selected after passing an intensive on-line course and examination.

Aftab and Dr. Isma remained in Amol for the 11–day course, learning and practicing hands-on methodology of surveillance and animal rabies control through multidisciplinary approach. The training objectives were to increase awareness and communication about Rabies, to identify gaps and discuss opportunities for Rabies Control and elimination, to improve knowledge and practice on Rabies epidemiological data, to discuss the present situation of Rabies prophylaxis in humans, and propose practical solutions for improvement, to increase knowledge on dog mediated human rabies elimination and to create inter-sectoral regional rabies network.

The teaching period of the course was June 1st to October 19th 2017. In the exit examination Aftab scored 85%, ranking second highest in the group of 24, and was awarded a certificate from University of Lausanne and WHO Collaborative Center, Lausanne. With the new knowledge gained, we will now embark confidently on the Rabies Free Karachi initiative, help improve Rabies situation in Pakistan and contribute to “Global elimination of Rabies by 2030”.

Aftab has done us proud!

Dr. Naseem Salahuddin

Head, Dept of ID

Indus Hospital Karachi